Skylark Clock

September, 2017
“The ultimate cloud based text clock for your browser.”

The QlockTwo is a beautiful, but very expensive design idea by Biegert & Funk. The ideal behind the clock is not that hard. Put all possible text variations in a square of “random” letters to display the actual time. This hobby project started with the idea that it should not be that difficult to create as a browser based clock or screensaver.

Please note: The clock is only availible in Dutch!

Having an old iPad laying in a drawer, the idea was born to use it as a clock. Combining it with the QlockTwo concept would be ideal, so in one evening I created the first version.

Although the interface displays the time in 5 minutes intervals, it is accurate on the minute. The squares lighting up in the corners tell the actual minutes in between.

The clock innerworkings are actually very simple. Just some JavaScript and CSS and that’s is.

Below are links which you can use to display the clock on your desktop, tablet or other browser based device. I’m also think on making it available as Google Chrome plugin so it can be used as a starting point when opening a new tab.

Release notes (in Dutch)


  • Bugfix: Tussen 12 en 1 uur 's-nachts werd geen tijd afgebeeld.


  • Variant voor browsers die geen flexbox ondersteunen. Zoals bv iPad generatie 1 en IE11


  • Fullscreen mode werkt weer op pc. Op ipad helaas niet (meer) toegestaan.
  • Betere ondersteuning oudere browsers, maar niet IE11! (Kijk nog naar alternatieve oplossing voor IE en bv Ipad generatie 1)
  • Aangepaste contrast ratio wit/grijs.


  • Initial release