Radio Kootwijk

dinsdag, 26 juni 2012 20:07 by go*

Former long wave transmitter station Radio Kootwijk was used during the early 20th century as the main communication relay between the Netherlands and Dutch East Indies. The art-deco building designed by architect Julius Luthmann is also called ‘the cathedral’.

Now abandoned the building still stands in the middle of Dutch moorland, and is somewhat tricky to find. The main building is now used as an exhibition hall. The building was also used in the Hollywood movie ‘Mindhunters’.

Check out this project

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Moscow in HDR

zaterdag, 10 september 2011 14:00 by go*

Published a new HDR gallery of my trip to Moscow. Also updated the Skylark Photography site to enable projects like this one.

I spend almost two days exploring the city. These photos are the result of this exploration captured in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.

The gallery shows The Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil's Cathedral, Peter the Great statue, Iskusstv Park, and the All-Russia Exhibition Center in the Northern part of the city.

Check it here



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Bunker 599

donderdag, 23 december 2010 19:32 by go*

Rietveld Landscape, Atelier de Lyon sliced up a former defense bunker, opening up it’s interior which normally can’t be seen. A footpath was build, starting on top of the dyke, through the bunker (literally) and ending as a pier on piles in the flooded adjacent reserve.

Bunker 599 is part of the former defense line called the Nederlandse Waterlinie (Dutch Waterline). The line protected the western part of the Netherlands by means of intentional flooding. The line was active from 1815 until 1940.

Bunker 599 is located on the Diefdijk, next to highway A2, near Culemborg. More info on the build check this link.


China: The Lost Polaroids

maandag, 9 augustus 2010 15:56 by go*

Cleaning out the basement I found some Polaroids I made in China back in the days. Well, not really, but that was the idea for a photo series.

The photos were made during two trips I made to China in 2005 en 2009. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tongli, Ping An and Yangzhou provided the scenery.

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Chinese New Year The Hague

zaterdag, 13 februari 2010 17:25 by go*

Welcome to the year of the Tiger. This weekend (14 February) the Chinese celebrated their new year, with the traditional dragons, fireworks and Mianju masks. One of the bigger celebrations in the Netherlands is held in The Hague. These photo’s were made on the 13th in the city’s China Town.



HDR, the new way of photography

zondag, 18 oktober 2009 13:17 by go*

Just returned from a 2,5 week trip through the US for AviaMagazine. Amongst the almost 3000 photo’s I did some experimenting with high dynamic range photography (HDR). When conditions are good (which means some great cloud base for instance) results can be stunning.

More ... 

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New York New York

zondag, 2 augustus 2009 11:17 by go*

Last year I visited New York and compiled a small exposition on this wonderful city. A great place for all you photographers!


Skylark Photography

vrijdag, 24 juli 2009 14:40 by go*

Skylark Creative is divided in several brands, one of them being photography. Skylark Photography specializes in Aircraft, wildlife and nature photography. To do this I travel the World and some samples of these trips and my work are now presented in the new Skylark Photography website.

Check it out via http://www.skylark-creative.com/photography.

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